We Ate the Worlds SPICIEST Chip! (bad idea)

27 Ιαν 2021
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We attempted the one chip challenge and ate the world's SPICIEST Chip and things got really Heated!!!
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    • Alan, Alex. I have a dare for you! :) I dare you to eat the world's biggest gummy in under 5 minutes!

      Daniel BackhouseDaniel BackhouseΠριν 12 ημέρες

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    • @Parvin Ganesh Shawn looks like there brother but he’s not

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    • Is Shawn suppose to be your brother??

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  • put ice aur eat sugar

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  • dare for u eat 3 chip and then dont make reaction who does first it is dangerous but can u do

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  • 10/10 acting

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  • Dare:Prank your crush that you crashed her car

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  • I miss penny wiseeee

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  • The stoke tensions act like my cousins that are twins

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  • I dare you guys to always say waffle for 24hour

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  • I love your videos they’re so cool

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  • I try it too. I loss my speak for a little bit

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  • Why would you guys do this to yourself. It actually made me so upset to watch u guys like that🥺😣

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  • The car is Alex's car and Alan said get out of my car

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  • When he missed the shot i laughed sooooo hard

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  • the more you look at alex, the more he looks like a k-pop idol

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  • Water out and now the bathroom weird✍️😽😷🤧🤑

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  • *starts cryin* “why alen why’d u do this to me? yk we have a basket ball game tmrw? WHYYYYY”

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  • “Yea I think we’re tuffer then the other ppl out there” *2 mins later* *almost passes out bc of the spice * 🤣😂😂 love y’all so freaking much!!❤️ ✌️👁👄👁✌️

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  • *reads instruction* “u can’t eat if ur pregnant” *looks down at alex* “ummm”

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  • “bC wErE bUiLt DiFfReNt” *smiles* 😂🤷🏻‍♂️

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  • Question = Why you always zoom at Shawn when he comes.. Question =Why you dont reply to any comment

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  • Ok I accepted your dare and did I did it

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  • Nice video ever seen comedy 😄 super

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  • The Tesla model x was Alex's and on 3:23 or 3:22 or 3:21 Alan said get out of my car but i thought it was Alex's

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  • Other people exaggerate how it is spicy. The stroke twins exaggerate about how not spicy it is, so it is much spicier than there reaction.

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  • shawn is so cuteeee

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  • Stop kicking tanner out the car😂😂

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  • Alan: ''im little more tuff then alex'' Alan 20 seconds later: Dying in the bathroom

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  • I saw someone else do this they cried and were freaking out crazy

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  • Done and I would never eat those spicy stuff but when he jumped off something LOL

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