Testing VIRAL TikTok Gadgets To See If They Work!

15 Ιαν 2021
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We tried alot of cool tiktok gadgets to see if they worked or not!! 200k likes for a part 2!! Give this video a like if you like TikTok!
Thanks Faze Rug for the Idea! Go check out his video and show his channel some love!! grworld.info/fund/hdWwqq67nJaE134/b-nteo
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Songs used: Ace Of Spades" By Yugo
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  • If this video gets 200k likes, we’ll do a part 2!! ❤️

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  • Bro take you pink hair out and make in to normal colour be the twins back dye you hair back as it was plz

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  • OMG Alex get a new tooth brush.

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  • anyone else notice he was wearing a hisoka hoodie?

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  • Is the faking apple bottle have juice in it

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  • I also have the money box gadget

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  • My birthday is in summer

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  • I wish I have those gadgets

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  • 1:12 Alan POG

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  • Alex can I just say that I LOVE your pink hair (it is better then Alan's hair)

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  • The apple bottle one makes me faint-

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